Kidd Adamz was born and raised in the Scott Lake area of Carol City, Florida. With a city magnified by athletic talent, Kidd went against that grain and dedicated himself to music. This interest kept him out of trouble in an environment that was also prone to violence.

“You’d be surprised at the stories you hear about these days, it really makes you question your perception of the world living here so long” – Kidd Adamz

Embedded in music, Adamz’ mother was a Kompa (Haitian Creole) singer and his father played in a local Kompa band. Around the age of 12, is when Adamz’ decided he wanted to become a rap artist. In fact, it was actually the legend Tupac Shakur that impacted this decision.

“I was pretty young at the time and intentionally used his music to influence my style and choice of words, but listening to more of his work and the poems he wrote, I realized that I had alot in common with his messages and situations.” – Kidd Adamz

Kidd also sites local Miami artists Trick Daddy, Bruno Mali and JT Money as musical influences. Today, Adamz enjoys the lyricism of Kendrick Lamar and Joey Bada$$. His music isn’t traditional southern rap, so it’s been a struggle garnering the support of local Miami outlets.

“If your music doesn’t sound like a certain crowd it’s hard to be accepted. It’s pretty hard to be different with your craft and style if the people in your city don’t really vibe to it.” – Kidd Adamz

Not trying to be pigeoned holed in one box, Adamz has collaborated with Miami artists like Yung Simmie and NYC’s emerging artist Neffy. On the production side, he’s exclusively working with PlayPicasso, who’s produced for Dizzy Wright, Rocky Diamonds and also exclusively produced many records for Tory Lanez. You’ll hear these sounds on his upcoming album, “Fweagovelli”, which is set to release mid-2016. He is ready to make a name for himself and the music industry. This is his time and like the motto he lives by. “Ain’t Nowhere To Go But Up.”